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Dear all,

Modern medicine has never had such extensive collection of drugs and substances to choose from in the aim to provide the best possible care to patients. Although high level of innovations within the pharma industry, many of the protocols and instructions that guide healthcare personnel when determining correct concentration for a specific medication are based on old, outdated studies. Also, despite using highly sophisticated substances, the efficacy of the complete treatment also depends on how the drug is administered to the patient. During an infusion of a drug, the intention is to administer the drug to the patient with a same concentration throughout the complete infusion, but what if the drug is unequally distributed in the infusion container? The patient might receive very high concentrations temporarily, something that can lead to damaging effects and reduce the efficacy of the treatment.

Pharmacolog’s mission is to provide solutions and products within the drug administration and the drug delivery process for accurate and individually optimized patient treatment.

A first step towards achieving that mission, is to help ensure that the compounded medication contains correct drug with the right concentration. This can now easily be accomplished with our DrugLog® system. DrugLog® is the first link in the subsequent development of new methods and procedures for ensure optimal handling of intravenous medicines. Pharmacolog aim to become the market leader in tools for ensuring medication efficacy in personalized medicine.

Advanced tools for intravenous drug administration, treatments and quality control are being developed in close co-operation with research institutes and medical clinics world-wide.

I am very proud and happy to be part of a talented team operating in such an important and exciting area. To be a part of improving healthcare throughout the world and work towards truly personalized medicine.

Uppsala March 2017

Mats Högberg
CEO of Pharmacolog AB (publ)


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