Medication Safety in Personalized Medicine

Pharmacolog specialize in efficient solutions to prevent medication errors. With our safety device DrugLog ® , you can quickly verify that the intravenous medication is accurate before it’s given to the patient.


Freiburg sign DrugLog agreement

Freiburg University Hospital have signed an agreement to evaluate the DrugLog system for their compounding process for int...

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DrugLog prohibit medical error

Lille University Hospital have during 2016 used DrugLog and can from this experience summarise that DrugLog have prohibit ...

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Pharmacolog on Analysguiden

Financial analysis of Pharmacolog is now published on Analysguiden at

Link to Analysguiden below.<...

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EAHP, France

22nd Congress of the EAHP

Cannes, France

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Can Medication Errors Be Avoided?

Patients are supposed to feel safe under treatment and healthcare professionals are supposed to feel confident in performi...

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Let’s travel the medication route!

From idea to patient — what could possibly go wrong? Well, before a certain pharmaceutical is finally given to the patient...

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Who cares for the caretaker?

There’s more than one reason why we often repeat the expression ”patient safety first”. However, patients are not the only...

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The Company

Pharmacolog AB is a medical device company based in Uppsala, Sweden. The company specializes in providing quality assurance solutions for safe administration of medical drugs. The company was established in 2007 by Hans Dahlin and the late Kjell Westerlund.

The long term vision for the company is to play an active role in developing treatment methods for patients with cancer and other fatal deceases.