Prevent medication errors

Medication Safety and Drug Diversion Prevention

Verify the identity and concentration of injectable medications, quickly and efficiently, with DrugLog™, PrepLog™ and WasteLog™.


Remote review and analysis.
Pharmacolog Dashboard™


Quality control of compounded medications.
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Integrated compounding quality control.
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Drug diversion prevention.
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Pharmacolog i Uppsala AB (publ) announces that the company's new hardware platform is now available for sale. The new ...

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Pharmacolog i Uppsala AB (publ) has appointed Sofia Uhrbom as interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Sofia will assume her role ...

Medication Efficacy

About Pharmacolog

Pharmacolog provides solutions and products that enhance work efficiency and safety when preparing injectable medication. Our goal is to help prevent medication errors and ensure maximum medication efficacy when treating patients with powerful yet potentially harmful injectable drugs.

Pharmacolog’s products help staff at pharmacies and hospital wards minimize the risk of errors in the compounding process. Furthermore, by verifying that drugs and narcotics used in surgery have not been tampered with, our solutions also make a vital contribution to preventing drug diversion.

The following trademarks are owned and protected by Pharmacolog i Uppsala AB: Pharmacolog™-logo, DrugLog™, WasteLog™, PrepLog™ and Pharmacolog Dashboard™.

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