Pharmacolog Dashboard™ offers a variety of valuable tools, generating reports and statistical analyses of your validated preparations. By providing remote access to the measurements, a senior pharmacist will be able to assist colleagues with complicated compounding processes in the clean room, without being on site in the pharmacy. Pharmacolog Dashboard™ is compatible with the complete range of Pharmacolog’s product portfolio and provides users with a comprehensive overview of performed measurements.

  • Reporting
  • Expert guidance
  • Data review & analysis


Obtain an overview of completed validations, generate reports of performed measurements and export selected data for further analysis.

Expert guidance

Access measurements for real-time analysis of a spectral graph to provide expert advice from a remote location.

Data review & analysis

Perform advanced statistical analyses to determine if current routines require adjustments for optimal process performance.

Why Pharmacolog Dashboard™

  • Obtain a comprehensive overview of all your validations
  • Assist remotely during measurements
  • Improve pharmacy processes for compounding quality control


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Pharmacolog Dashboard™
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