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Quality control in IV drug management

Medication Safety in Personalized Medicine

Pharmacolog AB – based in Uppsala, Sweden – specializes in providing quality assurance solutions for safe administration of medical drugs. The company was established in 2007 by Hans Dahlin and the late Kjell Westerlund.

Pharmacolog’s long term vision is an individual patient-centered approach, where all available parameters are considered in the selection and distribution of intravenous medication and where the medication is checked and adjusted throughout the treatment depending on the patient state and response.

Pharmacolog AB develops solutions and products that can prevent drug administration errors reaching the treated patient. The company’s lead product, DrugLog®, focuses on the quality assurance in drug administration in the hospital pharmacy and the clinical ward.

The Pharmacolog share is publicly listed on AktietTorget (ATORG: PHLOG) in Sweden.

Why Pharmacolog

“After 40 years in clinical work, research and companies focused on developing methods and solutions for better cancer care with radiotherapy, I realized in early 2000 that to achieve an overall better and more individualized treatment of cancer, other disciplines like chemotherapy has to be improved. Research showed considerable lack of accuracy and safety when treating patients with intravenous drugs, which very often also resulted in serious mistreatments, patient suffering and substantial costs for the society.

Several technical innovations and clinical tests made it possible to establish the company Pharmacolog in 2007 together with the now deceased Kjell Westerlund, an icon in developing QA tools for radiotherapy.

The business idea for Pharmacolog was to develop a product based on spectroscopic technology for securing treatments with cytostatic drugs to ensure that the right drug, with the right concentration, is given at the right time and to the right patient.

It has been a fantastic journey together with competent and engaged team of experts over the last five years. Now Pharmacolog can present a stable and user-friendly product to the market. DrugLog® can play an important role in preventing mistreatments and patient sufferings, which directly improve the quality of life for patients, and decreases healthcare costs.

Pharmacolog’s long-term goal is to continue the mission to develop tools and methods together with research centers, MedTech and Drug companies, to make personalized  treatment possible.”

Hans Dahlin

Pharmacolog AB


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