We have a responsibility to ensure patient safety and medication efficacy within our healthcare system. DrugLog™ is a cost-effective solution for verifying the identity and concentration of compounded injectable medications, quickly and efficiently. The quick, reliable and easy to use DrugLog™ device will verify the Right Drug and the Right Concentration in seconds and becomes an invaluable part of your Quality Control process.

DrugLog™ is a robust stand-alone solution for reducing compounding errors. It verifies the identity and concentration of compounded injectables before they are administered to a patient. Whether DrugLog™ is used in the Pharmacy or at the Patient ward, you have peace of mind the patient is receiving what was intended.

DrugLog™ is an excellent complement to the already high safety standards of pharmaceutical compounding. Most cytotoxic drugs used in cancer treatment are individually prepared at the hospital pharmacy. Even in the hands of the most experienced professional, the risk of error is always present. Medical compounding demands extra precautions are taken during the entire process. DrugLog™ takes the guess work away during the Quality Control process and keeps you compliant.

Thanks to the device’s unique combination of cutting-edge software and reliable, well-established hardware for absorption spectroscopy, DrugLog™ is a cost-effective tool for verifying the identity and concentration of a medical drug.

Key features of DrugLog™

  • New drug calibrations created on site
  • Mobile for use between departments or facilities
  • Cloud-based storage of calibrations and measurement data
  • Calibrations loaded locally: no need to be online at time of test
  • Use of cuvettes prevents contamination of measuring device
  • Measurement graphics immediately available on screen for qualitative analysis

Reliable drug verification in seconds

DrugLog™ is a unique combination of cutting-edge software and reliable well-established hardware for absorption spectroscopy. Within a few seconds, users can determine whether a diluted or a compounded item is the Right Drug and the Right Concentration.

Illustration: Komson

1. Withdraw a small sample (0.3–0.5 ml) from the prepared solution.

2. Inject the sample solution into the cuvette.

3. Insert the cuvette into the DrugLog™ unit.

4. Initiate the test and view the result within 2–3 seconds.


  • Non-hazardous compounding robots
  • Hazardous compounding robots
  • Manual compounding
  • Outsourced compounding
  • Health System Centralized Sterile Compounding

Whether you spot check your batch fills, or for independent verification of your compounding robot post maintenance or software upgrade, DrugLog™ gives you the peace of mind your compounding robot is operating as expected. DrugLog™ provides consistency in manual compounding processes and is an excellent tool for personnel evaluations. DrugLog™ is ideal for verifying your outsourced compounds when received.

Why DrugLog™?

  • Reduces risk of medication errors
  • Supports various compounding workflows
  • Provides consistency in compounding results
  • Vital component of Quality Control programs
  • Quick and reliable results in seconds
  • Reduces cost and increases ROI
As a hospital pharmacist, I’m held responsible for the analysis and quality control of pharmaceuticals. We selected DrugLog™ for the final verification of cytotoxic preparations because it’s quick and allowed us to keep the established workflow.
Louise Hespel, Hospital Pharmacist
Pharmacy department, Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, Brussels, Belgium
By using DrugLog™, Uppsala University Hospital achieved a quick, flexible and reliable analysis of suspected samples giving HCPs and management a clear basis for decision regarding patient care as well as personnel investigation.
Mattias Paulsson, PhD, Deputy Chief Pharmacist
Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden
Typically, where manufacture involves a discrete bulk manufacturing step, there is an expectation that finished product testing will be performed. This is likely to include assay and ID confirmation as a minimum.
Medicines & Healthcare products, Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Guidance for ‘specials’ manufacturers, Updated 25 February 2021, Chapter 3.6.16.
More complex products may be considered for analysis, for example those with a reconstitution step, a dilution in a bag, or more complex dilutions for example for filling elastomeric infusers.
NHS Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Committee, QC Chemical Testing of Aseptically Prepared Products, Edition 1, Issued June 2021.



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Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, Brussels, Belgium

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