To ensure the consistent reconstitution and compounding of medicinal drugs, clinics and hospital wards have started to implement specific instructions for how drugs are prepared. Validated instructions simplify work processes and provide valuable support to hospital staff. They also ensure that reconstitution is performed in a consistent manner. Using validated instructions in combination with relevant quality control greatly simplifies work processes for healthcare personnel and reduces the risk of errors during reconstitution.

Several initiatives to establish databases with validated instructions for preparing drugs have been started around the world. One good example is the Swedish ePed database, which contains more than 600 instructions for pediatric drugs. Such databases offer guidance on prescription, preparation, administration, monitoring and potential patient safety risks.

ReVal™ from Pharmacolog is a comprehensive system that integrates prescriptions with reconstitution instructions and proposes relevant control methods in a quality assured workflow. Thanks to ReVal™, patients receive the medication intended – and nothing else.

  • Quality-assured workflow for the preparation and control of medication
  • Totally integrated with a verified instruction database and the hospital EMR
  • Suggests a relevant control method for each unique reconstitution

is a valuable complement to the work performed by nurses and pharmacists. It connects to local networks for integrating with existing records as well as with other related databases.


ReVal™ is an application that provides an assisted workflow when preparing pharmaceuticals – from prescription and instructions to preparation and validation. All in one quality-assured workflow.

  1. ReVal™ retrieves a prescription (manually or electronically) and links it to the relevant reconstitution instruction (e.g. ePed).
  2. The clinician or pharmacist prepares or reconstructs the medicine guided by instructions and the step-by-step workflow described in ReVal™.
  3. ReVal™ then proposes a relevant control method based on the nature of the medicine. If this method is barcode scanning or based on DrugLog®, the result is automatically stored in ReVal™.
  4. When the measurement is completed, a label is printed to be attached on the bag or syringe.

Illustration: Komson

Why ReVal™

  • Workflow support for healthcare professionals
  • Consistency in drug preparation
  • Reduced risk for medication errors