Jörgen Höjdmo

Development Manager
Year of birth: 1972
As a development manager Jörgen is responsible for the company’s product development and manage internal and external resources. Jörgen Höjdmo has a MSc in Engineering Physics and more than 20 years of experience in technology and software development. He has also worked as CEO of Digital Diary AB, which later was sold to FormPipe AB 2005 where Jorgen continued to work as a Partner Manager until 2007. The last 10 years has Jörgen mainly worked as a consultant in management and advanced technology development and lead for 6 years an extensive project for the Swedish Armed Forces. Jörgen has since 2008 also been involved in Pharmacolog development of DrugLog®.

Holdings: 100 825 shares indirectly.

Photo: Göran Ekeberg

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