Pharmacolog forms an international consortium for Eurostars application

Pharmacolog has, together with a consortium consisting of the University of Lille, University Hospital in Geneva and Munkplast AB, submitted a Eurostar application for a project to develop solutions for adaptive medication with intravenous drugs.

Pharmacolog has, in collaboration with GRITA, the University of Lille, France, the University Hospital in Geneva and Munkplast AB in Uppsala submitted a Eurostar application accepted for further assessment within the Eureka / Eurostars organization.

The project; Intravenous Dose Rate Adjustment (IDRA) refers to the development of methods and systems for adaptive treatment with intravenous drugs and is scheduled to last over three years with a total budget of approximately 15 million SEK. A granted Eurostars application implies a financial contribution of up to 50% of the total project budget.

Eurostars is a cooperation program between EUREKA and the European Commission with joint funding from 36 participating countries, partner countries and the EU through the Horizon 2020 program. Eurostar’s budget over the period 2014-2020 is a total of EUR 1.14 billion. Eurostars supports international innovative cooperation projects led by small and medium-sized development companies.

Research Director Hans Dahlin comments, “I am extremely pleased that we have managed to gather two world-leading medical institutions and a Swedish company that are experts in the production of plastic products with the aid of robot automation. An approval of the project will significantly accelerate our efforts to develop solutions that enable real-time adjustment of the drug dose during ongoing treatment with intravenous drugs. The project is in line with our vision as well as the EU-focused medical research projects in the area of Personlized Medicine

Företrädesemissionen övertecknades till 150%

Teckningsperioden för Pharmacologs företrädesemission löpte ut den 13 oktober 2017 och det slutliga utfallet visar att den tecknades till 89,35 procent med stöd av teckningsrätter. Resterande del, motsvarande 10,65 procent, har tecknats utan stöd av teckningsrätter. Företrädesemissionen är därmed fulltecknad och tillför Bolaget cirka 19,6 MSEK före emissionskostnader. Sammanlagt tecknades Företrädesemissionen till drygt 150 procent.

Totalt tecknades 3 510 991 aktier med stöd av teckningsrätter, motsvarande cirka 17,6 MSEK eller 89,35 procent av Företrädesemissionen. Resterande 418 342 aktier, motsvarande cirka 2,1 MSEK eller 10,65 procent av Företrädesemissionen, har tilldelats personer som teckn...

New analysis of Pharmacolog

New company analysis of Pharmacolog AB performed by Jarl Securities. Read the complete analysis here (in Swedish only):

Offentliggörande av prospekt

Pharmacolog i Uppsala AB (publ) offentliggör prospekt för beslutad företrädesemission med teckningsperiod 27 september – 13 oktober 2017.

Styrelsen för Pharmacolog i Uppsala AB (”Pharmacolog”) har upprättat ett prospekt med anledning av den förestående nyemissionen med företrädesrätt för Pharmacologs aktieägare. Prospektet har idag godkänts och registrerats av Finansinspektionen. Prospekt, innehållande fullständiga villkor och anvisningar, samt anmälningssedlar kommer att finnas att tillgå på Pharmacologs ( ), AktieTorgets ( ) och Erik Penser Banks ( ) respektive hemsidor. Emissionen i sammandrag

Aktieägare i Pharmacolog har företrädesrätt ...

Pharmacolog signs a letter of intent on cooperation with major international Medtech Group

Pharmacolog AB has signed a letter of intent with a company that is part of a large global group to engage in long-term cooperation aimed at integrating Pharmacolog’s technology into the company’s system for safe and efficient handling of chemotherapy at pharmacies and healthcare departments.

The letter of intent entails that the parties work to establish a formal partnership agreement on the integration of DrugLog® technology into a newly developed system for effective handling of chemotherapy drugs at hospital pharmacies and healthcare departments.

Mats Högberg CEO of Pharmacolog comments: “We have conducted a targeted effort to establish strategic partnerships with maj...