Pharmacolog Appoints New Development Manager

Pharmacolog appoints Jörgen Höjdmo as the new Development Manager. Jörgen has extensive experience in leading advanced development projects and is one of the main architects of the company’s current DrugLog® systems.

As a development manager Jörgen will be responsible for the company’s product development and manage internal and external resources. Jörgen Höjdmo has a MSc in Engineering Physics and more than 20 years of experience in technology and software development. He has also worked as CEO of Digital Diary AB, which later was sold to FormPipe AB 2005 where Jorgen continued to work as a Partner Manager until 2007. The last 10 years has Jörgen mainly worked as a consultant in management and advanced technology development and lead for 6 years an extensive project for the Swedish Armed Forces. Jörgen has since 2008 also been involved in Pharmacolog development of DrugLog®.

CEO Mats Högberg commented. “We are very pleased that Jorgen decided to accept the role as development manager. As we are starting new exciting development projects, it is essential that we have someone with the experience and technical expertise to lead our team. Jörgen’s unique competence in analytic technology combined with experience in managing development projects will mean a lot for our ability to quickly realize new innovations within our vision of individualized care and optimized drug use. ”

Read the official press release (Swedish) here: Pharmacolog tillsätter ny utvecklingschef.

Successful collaboration with Swedish university hospital enters the next phase

Pharmacolog has, in collaboration with one of the leading university hospitals in Sweden, developed ARM (Advanced Reconstruction Module). The system will be tested in clinical environments for 6 months and comprises 2 DrugLog systems that will be rented during the project period.

Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital at Karolinska University Hospital will with funding from SLL Innovation to undertake a 6-month project to test the Advanced Reconstruction Module (ARM) with its associated DrugLog® in a clinical environment. The project runs throughout the year and includes the lease of two DrugLog systems.

The ARM, partly funded by Vinnova, was implemented during the second half o...

New analysis of Pharmacolog

New company analysis of Pharmacolog AB performed by Jarl Securities. Read the complete analysis here (in Swedish only):

Pharmacolog signs a collaboration agreement with researchers at Uppsala University regarding antibiotic treatment

Pharmacolog AB has entered a research and development cooperation with researchers from Uppsala University regarding methods for determining antibiotic concentration in the blood during treatment of patients with severe infections.

Antibiotic treatment with the right dose is crucial for patients to survive severe infections. Today, technology is lacking to quickly determine blood concentrations of antibiotics in patients treated for serious infections. The collaboration between Pharmacolog AB and Professor Miklos Lipcsey at the Department of Surgical Sciences and Professor Anders Larsson at the Department of Medical Sciences, both at Uppsala University, is a result of preparatory tests of the abi...

First order from France

Pharmacolog’s distributor has ordered a first system to be placed at Hôspital du Confluent in Nantes. The system shall be used for the final control of chemotherapy drugs toxicity at the hospital pharmacy. Pharmed won the order in competition with other suppliers.

During 2016, Pharmed has deliberately processed the French market, focusing on hospital pharmacies that prepare for chemotherapy and has now placed the first order on a DrugLog system. The system will be placed at the Hôspital du Confluent in Nantes and will be used for the final control of chemotherapy drugs prepared made at the hospital pharmacy. The deal means that, according to agreement, Pharmed purchases a DrugLog® systems f...