One major step towards safer medication for children

There is a great need to improve the handling of drugs in paediatric care. Unfortunately, errors in handling and preparation occur from time to time, leading to increased risk of care-related injuries and suffering, both for children and healthcare staff. Due to the lack of clinical studies on children (in certain cases, it is considered unethical to carry out such studies), many medicines are insufficiently developed or adapted for use on children. Improving safety in the compounding and reconstitution process is therefore an important task.

This is why we wish to highlight the Swedish Medical Product Agency’s initiative to ensure that pharmaceutical safety for children is moving in the right direction, something they address in their expert guidance document Säkrare ordination och läkemedelshantering till barn (Safer prescription and handling of medicine to children). We believe that this work is of the utmost importance and it is something that we here at Pharmacolog are also working to achieve, not least through our collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital.

A document that reduces risks
The Swedish Medical Products Agency’s expert guidance deals with the challenges of pharmaceutical safety and the handling of drugs in paediatric care. The document offers guidance on prescription, preparation, administration, monitoring and patient safety risks and is entirely in line with our own Advanced Reconstitution Module (ARM) project, carried out in collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital.

In our project, we have combined our product DrugLog with the ePed national database on Evidence Based Paediatric Drugs in Sweden which together contribute to safer preparatory handling of drugs for children. ePed deals with practical issues such as where the drug is located, how it should be properly prepared, how to avoid mistakes and how other organisations have solved similar challenges in the past. The Swedish Medical Products Agency describes ePed as a good supplementary source of information in the event that the Summary of Product Characteristics fails to provide what can be considered as essential information on the prescribing and handling of medicine for children.

Those hospitals that use ePed are provided with a more efficient and safer procedure for medication. The Swedish Medical Products Agency’s expert guidance document also contributes greatly to safer handling of medicines for children.

“It is an important initiative that advances pharmaceutical safety for children in Sweden!” believes Mats Högberg, CEO of Pharmacolog.

Learn more about ARM and our collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital here

Here you will find the Swedish Medical Product Agency’s expert guidance document (in Swedish)

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