Let’s travel the medication route!

From idea to patient — what could possibly go wrong? Well, before a certain pharmaceutical is finally given to the patient, it actually travels quite a risky road that could jeopardize the medical safety and work environment. We call it the medication route

Transportation damage, misreading of labels by hospital staff and mistakes in compounding are just a few of the incidents that can occur along the way. We want to shine a light on these issues to enhance safety and create more efficiency in the chain of care.

Therefore, we’ve created this map over the medical route that points out certain crucial areas where we need to be extra careful. In our future blog posts, we will highlight certain steps on the medical route and further discuss them.

Where on the medical route do you see the highest potential for safety enhancement? Feel free to contact us or continue the discussion on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Click here to read about the medication route.

Take care,
Karl-Erik Carlström, CEO

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Illustration: Komson