Collaboration is key – improving safety in paediatric care

The lack of clinical studies on children (which is considered unethical) causes a knowledge gap in the paediatric medical treatment. Thorough information is seldom found in national guidelines, but instead written into each hospital’s individual instructions.

For many years, the healthcare industry has tried to figure out the best possible solution and one of the most efficient alternatives so far is ePed, a database developed by the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. The system is entirely dedicated to the treatment of children and focuses primarily on practical issues, such as how to find the right medication, how to avoid mistakes and how other organizations have solved similar challenges in the past. All hospitals that use ePed have access to this valuable information and collaboration is the key ingredient for its success. As ePed grows, the paediatric treatment will also grow more efficient and safe.

We would like to highlight this great initiative as it’s a fine example of how things are actually moving in the right direction. Some hospitals around Sweden are starting to use ePed as a complementary tool in their work and the response has been positive. Apart from being efficient, such a transparent system also helps to increase the safety culture among the staff — ePed is a source of information to go to when you’re insecure about what measures to take.

Pharmacolog and Karolinska joined forces

 Pharmacolog has just finished a project called ARM (Advanced Reconstitution Module) in collaboration with the Karolinska University Hospital, where our product DrugLog® was integrated with ePed in order to create a safer preparation process of children’s medication. The system has a risk estimate for each drug in the ePed national database and alerts the user when a DrugLog® test is advised.

“We are very pleased and excited that this project could be carried out in just six months and with such good results. Both the hospital’s paediatric specialist group and our experienced system developers should be praised for this. Next planned phase at the Karolinska University Hospital is an intervention study of ARM in the clinical environment.”

Karl-Erik Carlström, CEO at Pharmacolog


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