Hans Dahlin

Founder and Innovations

Founder of Pharmacolog in 2007, previous CEO and board member since 2010. Hans has many years’ experience of working with cancer care problems, starting as a Hospital Physicist at Uppsala University Hospital and R&D manager in Computational Physics in the 1970s. As part of his R&D work at Uppsala University he initiated and led the Nordic R&D project CART (Computer Aided Radiotherapy) in the early 1980s. CART is acknowledged as one of the most important historical projects that has formed the basis of today’s commercial radiotherapy products. As a result of the CART project, Hans left the university in 1986 and founded Helax, of which he became the CEO and a board member. The growth of the Helax Group in the 1990s gave Hans international experience as the Managing Director of all the subsidiaries: Helax Ltd in the UK, Helax GmbH in Germany, Helax SARL in France, Helax Inc. in the USA and Helax Visir AS in Norway.

When the Helax Group was sold to MDS Nordion Inc. in Canada in 1999, Hans became the European Manager of MDS Nordion, European Operations, with more than 300 employees. In 2002 he left MDS Nordion and founded ONCOlog Medical AB together with Elekta AB, of which he was the CEO and a board member until 2010. Since 2006 Hans has also been a board member of Naslund Medical AB.

In his leisure time Hans enjoys socialising with his family, hunting, folk music, gardening and cooking. Hans is also a skilled key fiddle (nyckelharpa) player.