DrugLog at Birmingham Children´s Hospital

Pharmacolog has signed an agreement with Birmingham Children´s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (BCHNFT) for a technical evaluation of DrugLog to increase patient safety in the treatment of children with intravenous medical drugs.

The agreement with BCHNFT include 2 parts. Firstly, technical and functional tests at the hospital pharmacy och hospital wards, and secondly a research study of DrugLog in a clinical environment in different IV treatments of children.

Press release, Swedish only

Company analysis of Pharmacolog

The analysis is made by Niklas Elmhammer at Jarl Securities for Analysguiden.


Pharmacolog at the GERPAC congress

Pharmacolog will participate in the 14th European GERPAC congress, 5-7 October, together with our partner Pharmed SAM. The congress takes place in Giens Peninsula France.

The purpose of the GERPAC association is to promote the techniques and skills needed for the development of biological and physico-chemical protection in the hospital pharmaceutical environment where toxic drugs are prepared.

Toxic drug compounding is a focus area for Pharmacolog and the DrugLog system. Therefore, the GERPAC congress is an important opportunity to expose the product to the market. The congress attracts representatives from all the main hospital pharmacies in Europe and key opinion leaders present the late...

CEO comments on HUG agreement

Pharmacolog CEO, Karl-Erik Carlström, comments on the user agreement with Geneva University Hospital.


First clinical user of DrugLog® in Europe

The University Hospital in Geneva (HUG) have signed a user agreement to use DrugLog® in their clinical operation for quality assurance of toxic drugs. HUG is the first clinic in Europe to start using the DrugLog® system in daily operation.

“We are very pleased that HUG have accepted our offer. No other clinic has tested DrugLog® more thoroughly than HUG. It is therefore a very strong acknowledgment for DrugLog®. We hope this will encourage other leading hospitals in Europe to start using the system to improve production quality and patient safety.” says Karl-Erik Carlström, CEO Pharmacolog AB

Press release, Swedish only