DrugLog at Birmingham Children´s Hospital

Pharmacolog has signed an agreement with Birmingham Children´s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (BCHNFT) for a technical evaluation of DrugLog to increase patient safety in the treatment of children with intravenous medical drugs.

The agreement with BCHNFT include 2 parts. Firstly, technical and functional tests at the hospital pharmacy och hospital wards, and secondly a research study of DrugLog in a clinical environment in different IV treatments of children.

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Summer greetings!

We want to take the opportunity to wish all of you a nice summer. We are aware that this is more important for those of you that live in the Nordic countries like us.

Even though the number of people available in the office sometime goes down the office will be open as normal during July. And we are available on e-mail and phone as normal.

Do not hesitate to contact us at your best convenience.

The Pharmacolog team

CTC signs breakthrough order for Pharmacolog

Clinical Trial Consultants AB have signed an order to use DrugLog® in their hospital based test site in Uppsala. It is of outmost importance to have a very high accuracy in the drugs used for testing on humans in early stage clinical trials. Both to guarantee the safety of the patients and to get a representative result in the studies.

“This is a breakthrough for Pharmacolog and DrugLog®. We are very pleased to have this first installation in our home town.” says Karl-Erik Carlström, CEO

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Pharmacolog appoints a new CEO

Hans Dahlin, Founder of Pharmacolog, hand over the position as CEO to Karl-Erik Carlström, previously Sales & Marketing Manager and Vice President.

Hans Dahlin will remain in an operative position with reasonability for innovations and research projects, in addition to his board membership.

At the same time Mats Högberg takes over the role as Sales & Marketing Manager and Vice President.

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Pharmacolog receive funding from Vinnova

Vinnova has approved funding of a joint development project between Karolinska University Hospital and Pharmacolog. The project aims to develop a system where DrugLog® is integrated with ePed that is installed at the Astrid Lindgren Children Hospital. ePed is a national information system meant to support the care givers in administration of more than 500 different medications used in pediatric care. DrugLog will give this system the possibility to verify that an individually compounded intravenous treatment has the correct content.

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