DrugLog ® – an efficient tool to fix a broken chain

The abuse and illegal distribution of prescription drugs in the chain of care – also known as drug diversion – is a major problem for many hospitals. The misuse of pharmaceuticals in healthcare is not only a personal problem for the addict, but also a patient safety issue. On top of that, drug diversion is extremely costly for society. In this broken medical chain, our safety device DrugLog ® is most useful.

Since drug addiction is a global issue, so is drug diversion. And in a healthcare environment where pharmaceuticals are handled on a daily basis, the risk for misuse naturally increases. Drug diversions such as drug theft and misuse by medical staff are very common. In order to prevent this, clinical practices around the globe are recommended to follow strict policies when it comes to prescribing and handling pharmaceuticals. Organizations such as The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) work in various ways to prevent drug diversion, and DrugLog ® is a very efficient complement to their programs and actions.

A simple solution to a difficult issue
During an operation a certain amount of ordered and prepared pharmaceuticals are used. When the operation is completed, a common hospital policy is to send back all medicals that haven’t been used to the pharmacies. To make sure nothing has been stolen, you can make a quick sample test with DrugLog ® and determine the solution’s validity. Our device increases the drug diversion awareness at the workplace and may deter from further theft and drug abuse in the healthcare environment. As a result, the patient safety enhances.

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DrugLog ® prevents drug diversion by:

  • Determining that all medicals that are sent back from an operation have the correct content
  •  Helping to collect evidence of theft and/or abuse.
  •  Helping to catch victims of substance abuse before they leave work that same day – the test is instant and can give probable cause to ask for a formal drug test
  • Working as an efficient complement to the healthcare environment pharmaceutical policies

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