DrugLog ® – enhanced patient safety in a few seconds

In healthcare environments, large quantities of medication pass through the system each day. But can you be absolutely sure that the products are legit and manufactured by the medical companies, or could they in fact be counterfeit medication? DrugLog ® provides the answer in a few seconds.

Counterfeit medication is produced and sold to deceive the customer by trying to represent the original pharmaceutical. The package and labeling may look the same, but the actual drug often contains too low quantities of the active ingredients, no active ingredients whatsoever or harmful versions of the original pharmaceuticals.

Generic pharmaceuticals aren’t per definition counterfeit medication, since many are completely legit. But without caution it’s very easy to end up with an unsafe product. An efficient way to see if the medical content is accurate or not, is to use our safety device DrugLog ® .

A fast preventive measure for patient safety in hospitals
To minimize the impact of falsified medication, manufacturers and distributors work together with traceability and authentication of pharmaceuticals in the chain of care. An effort to which DrugLog ® is a great complement. With DrugLog ® you’re able to test the medication as soon as it reaches the harbor or the hospital – long before it’s exposed to the patient. It only takes a few seconds to make sure.

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How can DrugLog ® fight counterfeit medication?

  • By making sure that the medication contains the right quantities of active ingredients
  • By making sure that the medication doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, or ingredients that aren’t on the label
  • By being fast and user friendly: DrugLog ® only requires a small liquid sample and the test can be performed anywhere – at home, at customs or in a healthcare environment.
  • By giving probable cause to open an investigation against illegal pharmaceutical distribution

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