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In addition to causing harm to patients, medical errors are very expensive for hospitals and health centers around the world. According to the Institute of Medicine* – a nonprofit institution that aims to help those in government and the private sector to make informed health decisions – the cost is $17 billion to $29 billion per year in the USA alone. One way to reduce these numbers is to use DrugLog ® , our safety device that identifies the prepared medication and verifies its concentration before it’s given to the patient. DrugLog ® is fast, accurate and efficient.

Medical compounding is the preparation of a patient’s personalized medication by professionals such as pharmacists and nurses. It is being performed in a wide range of health-related environments – pharmacies, medical centers and hospitals, to name a few. But during the preparation and dosing of intravenous pharmaceuticals, or when they are administered in the chain of care, mistakes are sometimes made. If the execution is incorrect, it can result in a harmful outcome. Guidelines and recommendations are important, but the complexity of medical compounding demands extra precaution. With DrugLog®, you can very easily verify that the drugs identity, as well as its concentration, is accurate.

A lifesaving device in more than one way
DrugLog® can test and verify any liquid pharmaceutical in an instant, right before it’s given to the patient. But not only patients benefit from the device. In the health care profession, nurses are often referred to as “the second victim”. When they lose patients due to medical errors, they are often traumatized and feel personally responsible for the outcome of the event. The psychological consequences are immense. A quick test of the drug that’s about to be given, will certainly prevent this tragedy.


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Why DrugLog®?

  • It verifies that the prepared medication is the right one
  • It verifies that the dosage is correct
  • It prevents physical harm to the patient and yields confidence to the giver
  • The tested solution can later be tracked in the DrugLog ® database – a safe journal for professionals to rely on in the event of lawsuits, medical case reviews and such
  • The test takes an instant and only requires a small liquid sample

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*For further information about IOM, visit their website: http://iom.nationalacademies.org/

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